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We designed this fitness program to help the young athlete better themselves for any sport they may play. The drills being executed hit the 8 main components of fitness: flexibility, speed, power, balance, strength, agility, endurance and coordination. Additionally, they increase speed and mobility, while also helping to maintain the explosiveness needed to be one step ahead of competitors. Prehab is also emphasized to prevent injuries from occurring.

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D3: Ages 5 - 9


This program is centered on allowing young athletes an opportunity to
learn how to move properly through guided game play and skill development. In
this age group, athletes are introduced to skills of speed and agility with the
freedom to be creative and discover their abilities.


D2: Ages 10 - 13


This program provides further instruction on skills pertaining speed and
agility with an added emphasis on learning to develop a sense of pride in their
efforts and are introduced to elements of proper nutrition.


D1: Ages 14 - 18


This program is designed to unleash an athlete's
full potential while reducing risk of injury. In this group, athletes develop
power, speed, and agility. Additionally, skills become more defined and refined
as athletes improve their ability to control movement. Athletes will experience
more direct coaching and instruction with a further emphasis on proper
nutrition and recovery.

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