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 Lee Trapasso





CPT, CSN, 21 years experience in the fitness industry. Specializing in all fitness areas, sports specific training, weight loss, body conditioning and nutrition. 

Hello, my name is Lee Trapasso aka coach MeatBall. My passion is people and helping them achieve their desired goals. Over many years I have learned skill sets in the fitness industry that allow me to work with a wide range of clients. If you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, body sculpt or conditioning we can do it. If you are a competitive athlete looking to improve your athleticism in your sport we can do it. I love watching my young athletes move up in ranks for high school, college (scholarships always help) and some on to professional sports teams. 
I am not your average trainer, with my nutrition background and years of experience in competitive bodybuilding I design specific workouts for an aesthetic look. General fitness is easy and we can do it but I prefer to build a body that is functionally fit and looks like it too. If you are looking to start competitive powerlifting or Strongman we can get you started. You want to go to the next level in your training, we can do that as well. 

If you want to make a change and you are ready or even a little indecisive stop by my office, take a look at my wall and see some transformations. Everyone has a story, their journey and has had a life change. You want to make a life change too...come by and pick my brain I am always willing to talk and see what we can accomplish together. Until then remember my motto Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Soul... Boom!


8457 HWY 89,  Sinton, TX, 78387

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