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    Nutrition is KEY

Contrary to popular belief, exercising alone won’t get you the results you desire. In addition to working hard in the gym, you have to eat correctly.  Similarly, having the proper nutrition is an essential part in reaching your fitness goals. Keeping this in mind, STAC provides its members and visitors with a fully loaded Smoothie Bar that is beneficial to anyone who is trying to put on muscle, gain mass, burn fat, refuel and recover faster. or even refresh and detoxify themselves.  Additioanlly, we even have nutritional balanced smoothie refreshments available for the kids.  What's more is that we can also enhance your smoothie with supplements such as creatine, L-glutamine, flax seed oil, and various fruits.

Other supplements that the STAC Smoothie Bar provides (which are shown below) include: Get Lean (Fat Burning & Natural Weight Loss); Get Flexible (Refresh your Joints & Improve Mobility); Get Regular (Daily Dose of Fiber & Probiotics); Get Resistance (Antibiotic Immunity Booster); and Get Essentials (Daily Dose of Vitamins & Nutrients).

Click the image below to view the various selections of Smoothie we have available!

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