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Tough Times don’t last, tough people do.”

My whole life, lifting has been my passion. I have always been fascinated with muscles. From being big, to losing weight, and to bulking up, I have been through it all. I love the process of working out, because all the progress and results come strictly from a person’s own dedication and sacrifice. Whether you’re trying to bulk up, cut weight, or just trying to be better than yesterday, no matter the journey, everything is earned! And I have always admired a person’s hard work.




  • Bachelor's in Criminology & Minor in Psychology -- Texas A&M University- Kingsville  
  • PFIT Certified Personal Trainer


I love training all kinds of people, as long as someone is willing to put in that little extra effort to better themselves. Whether it’s toning, shaping up, building strength, losing weight, or trying to put on more muscle, I am dedicated to helping people better their bodies as well as their lifestyles.



• Lifting Weights • Swimming • Friends • Laughing • Designing Clothes • Making Music • Cooking • Drawing • Eating

8457 HWY 89,  Sinton, TX, 78387

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